Most sought after rums are produced in the Caribbean and American countries, but also in other countries that mass produce sugar, like the Philippines and India.

Here are our top brands below that sell the most but we have tons of other brands to choose from and we can assure you we have what you're looking for!

Captain Morgan

With its motto "Live Like The Captain," it's named after the 17th-century captain pioneer, Sir Henry Morgan, who unfortunately died in 1688!


Bacardi is made from sugarcane and uses molasses as the foundation of their rum! It is fermented for 30 hours and mixed with water and their unique yeast


Some of Mailbu's favorite flavors are strawberry, lime, mango, passion fruit, and their original rum flavor!

Wray & Nephew

Produced in Kingston, Jamaica Wray & Nephew is an overproof rum that comes out to around 126 proof!