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The Truth About Liquor Dispensers

Liquor dispensers are not like water dispensers as the only purpose of liquor dispenser is to pour your drink. It means that it only acts as liquor tap, and chilling is not included in its working like in common water dispensers.

Beer towers are also available, which has more than one beer tap to dispense liquor in more than one glass simultaneously.

How do They Work?

Liquor dispenser is not more than a liquor tap. You can directly attach liquor tap to the bottle, or you can have all your liquor in a large container that has a tap. You can chill liquor once it is poured into your glass.

It is really simple to use liquor dispensers. Just open the tap and pour the required amount into your glass. Turned off the tap once you are done with pouring and enjoy your drink.

Types of Liquor Dispensers

There are several types of liquor dispensers easily available from Liquor Store Waterbury CT. All of these types are the modern forms of liquor dispensers. Some of the most common used liquor dispensers are as follows;

  • Wall Mounted Liquor Dispenser

This type of liquor dispenser is most commonly found in bars. There can be one or more taps available on one dispenser. In this dispenser type, taps are mainly installed on the neck of liquor bottles.

  • Rotatory Liquor Dispenser

The most commonly used dispenser type for outdoor parties and busy bars is a rotatory liquor dispenser. This dispenser usually has a minimum of 4 bottle capacity, and you can rotate it 360o degrees in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

  • Electric Liquor Dispenser

These dispensers require electric power to operate and commonly found in big bars. These dispensers usually have a large container with one tap. This large container has multiple apartments in it for different liquor. Multiple pushbuttons allow the specific apartment to pour liquor of your choice.

How To Pour Properly?

Liquor dispensers come with great ease, but you should know how to pour a drink properly. You need to learn it because it is a matter of your customers if you are a bartender.

  • Right Dispenser For The Right Drink

There are many simple liquor taps available in the market. But it can be difficult to make the perfect shots with these taps. There many other liquor taps available that can measure the exact shot, which is 1.5 ounce. It helps you to get rid of the over-poured shots.

  • The Perfect Draw of Beer

While pouring beer for yourself or for your customers, you need to know about how to have a perfect foam head. Hold the glass a little below the tap with an angle of 45o. Quickly open the tap and straighten the glass when it is about to fill. Turn off the tap quickly at the end. It will give a perfect foam head.


Liquor dispensers are really helpful in outdoor parties and busy bars. It really works when you have the right dispenser, and you know how to use it. Liquor Store Waterbury CT can help you in this regard. Make perfect shots and have perfect foam head for your beer with liquor dispensers.

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