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Filtered vs Unfiltered Wine: What’s The Difference?

Filtered or Unfiltered wine? What are these two wine types all about? If you are a wine novice, then you are probably wondering about the difference between the two. What sets one apart from the other? Is it the taste? The texture? Or the fermentation process? What else there is to it?

There is literally quite a lot to learn when it comes to the mysteriously elegant world of wine. If you want to become a wine specialist, then you need to familiarize yourself with all the ins and outs of this world. Here is what filtered and unfiltered wine all about…

Filtered Wine:

The first step towards the manufacturing process of filtered wine fermentation, everyone knows that. When the fermentation reaches its final stage and the wine is made, it contains traces of yeast and other sediments that need to be removed. At this stage of the making process, this wine is called cloudy or blind wine.

After that, the cloudy wine is filtered to purify it from yeast particles and microbes. Filtered wine goes through 2 kinds of filtrations, the first one is done to filter out the yeast particles and the second filtration removes any remaining bacteria. After that. The wine is bottled.

Commonly Available Filtered Wines:

Most bottled wines that you find in the market are all filtered. They go through fermentation and then are filtered to remove yeast and microbes. Here are the most common types of filtered wines that you would find in the market.

👉 Fruity Dry or Floral Wines 👉 Large Production Wines 👉 Sweet White Wines

Unless you are looking for a raw and entirely natural wine experience, filtered wines are the way to go. Plus, these wines are more readily available than their counterparts.

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Unfiltered Wines:

The biggest difference between the filtered and unfiltered wine is, there is no filtration step in the manufacture of an unfiltered wine. So, how is it prepared then? What happens is, after the fermentation process, the yeast isn’t removed from the wine. It is allowed to rest for some time until the gravity takes care of the yeast and allows it to sit down at the base of the barrel. Then the racking is performed. The clear wine is simply just separated from the cloudy wine and bottled for use.

Although the resulting wine is not as clear as the filtered wine, but hey, at least you are getting maximum purity. And since the unfiltered one has almost the same concertation of impurity as the clear wine, an average wine drinker might not even notice the difference.

Commonly Amicable Unfiltered Wines:

Here are some of the most readily available, unfiltered wines:

👉 Small Production Red Wines 👉 Wines With Malolactic Fermentation 👉 Dry Wines 👉 White Wines Aged in Oak

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