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A Brief Guide To Distilled and Undistilled Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most widely consumed drinks in the world. Over 2 billion people drink alcohol products on a daily basis. There are thousands of alcohol brands out there that differ from one another on the basis of the concentration of alcohol that they contain.

If you want to learn more about alcoholic drinks, then you first need to know the difference between distilled and undistilled alcohol drinks. Knowing about these 2 alcohol types would be your first step towards becoming a liquor expert.

Undistilled Alcohol:

We’ll talk about the undistilled drinks first. You would most probably be familiar with the two most famous distilled drinks, wine, and beer. These liquors are made with distillation.

The process of distillation is known by another name, fermentation. Fermentation is the process through which Grapes and barley are converted to wine and beer respectively. What actually happens is bacteria and yeast through some sort of chemical reaction, convert sugar in the grapes and barley to alcohol. This is the story behind distillation. The distilled product then can be filtered again to remove the impurities from the alcoholic beverage.

That is all there is to it. Now, if you are removing the impurities you get filtered alcoholic drink, and if let the drink rest a little bit more, the impurities would sit down and then you can rack off the drink from the top. This would give you better, raw quality alcohol.

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Undistilled Alcohol Drinks:

The most commonly consumed Undistilled drinks are:

👉 Beer 👉 Wine 👉 Cider 👉 Saké 👉 Mead

We all know about beer and wine, right? Details would be unnecessary. Sake is an extensively used alcoholic drink that has its origins in Japan. Cider is made by fermenting apple juice and Mead is a blend of water and fermented honey.

Distilled Alcohol:

Now, if you want a higher concentration of alcohol in your drink, then you should go for distilled drinks. These drinks are made with a slightly different process. The distillation process is applied to the beverages right after they undergo fermentation.

The goal of distillation is to increase the concentration of alcohol in the beverage. What happens is, distillation concentrates the alcohol by separating it from all the other components of the fermented beverage. You can extract out the beverage that has higher levels of alcohol and then use it to develop distilled alcohol drinks.

Distilled Alcohol Drinks:

Since distilled alcohol drinks have higher levels of alcohol in them, they would be a bit harder to make and would have quite an impact on your when you consume them in large quantities.

There are many well-known distilled drinks that you’d find in the market. Here are some most commonly available options:

👉 Rum 👉 Gin

👉 Whiskey Brandy 👉 Vodka 👉 Tequila 👉 Everclear 👉 Absinthe

That’s all there is to it. This brief guide should be enough for you to get started with your journey towards becoming a liquor expert. Get in touch with Platinum Liquor for more news about your favorite winery and brewery liquors.

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