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All your favorite brands of Gin are sold at Platinum Liquor in Waterbury, Connecticut! We have the best prices and so many unbeatable deals on your favorite Gin!

Juniper berries are the main ingredient in Gin. Gin is flavored with herbal, spice, floral or fruit-flavors and most of the time it's mixed with tonic water.

Here are our top brands below that sell the most but we have tons of other brands to choose from and we can assure you we have what you're looking for!



This 200-year-old Gin has a rich history and shares a lot in common with many Smirnoff vodkas. 43.1% ABV



Seagram's is the best fit for many of our favorite mixed drinks! It also makes a fine Floradora, French Martini or Ginspresso Martini with a 40% Alcohol Content!



Being one of the most popular gins with its unique blue bottle, you can get a taste of 10 hand-picked botanicals from exotic places all over the world that comes in at around an alcohol content of 47%

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